Universal Wrench Extension Tool Torque Wrench Extension Kit


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Universal Wrench Extension Tool Torque Wrench Extension Kit


  • Torque Amplifier Tool

The wrench extender toolbar can extend the length of the wrench increase the torque, and let you finish the work with less effort, saving your time and improving your work efficiency.

  • Square Hole

The wrench extender end of the handle is designed with a square hole, and you can attach a breaker bar or ratchet to the tool, which also allows you to hang the wrench extension tool on the hook, easy to store.

Simply clip the torque amplifier wrench onto the handle of your spanner, extending its length and increasing applied torque.

  • Durable Material

Wrench extender great for use outdoors or in any corrosive environment, this wrench extender tool precision-machined universal wrench extender adaptor features a robust steel construction that will stand up to repeated use in all situations.

  • Slim Profile

The slim design of the wrench handle makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, without the risk of breaking your tools like when locking two wrenches together.

  • Wide Compatibility

The tool is compatible with most standard wrenches, including hexagonal, Allen key, open-end, and socket wrenches, making it a versatile addition to your toolkit for any industry, from automotive repair to construction and manufacturing.


  • Material: Alloy Steel


  • 1 * Universal Wrench Extension Tool Torque Wrench Extension Kit


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