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The Ultimate Tool For Effortlessly And Efficiently Removing Insulation From Wires, Making Your Electrical Projects A Breeze


  • Practical Wire Stripping Tool

It can help you strip wires quickly, just put the wire in the right hole, adjust the blade and you are ready to work, greatly reducing your stripping time and increasing efficiency.

  • Universal Wire Stripping Tool

Available in 14 different sizes/shapes of apertures for different sizes/styles of use strips from 24 AWG (3/64") to 0 AWG (7/16"), solid or stranded.

  • Safe & Efficient

Small knives/hobby knives are laborious and dangerous to strip, difficult to control the degree of cut, and can easily damage the wire.

This eliminates the need for direct hand contact with the blade and allows for quick stripping by simply setting the blade in advance, significantly reducing stripping times.

  • Sharp & Easy-To-Adjust Blades

Sharp and durable blades for increased efficiency. Easy to adjust blade depth for ease of use.

It can also be easily replaced by your locally available blade. The blade can be removed in three easy steps: 1. Locate the screw; 2. Loosen; 3. Remove blade.

  • Ideal For On-the-go

It Universal Handheld Quick Stripper is compact and portable, so you can easily hang it on your belt, providing a great stripper for on-the-go users who want to strip small sections of used wire.


  • Material: Stainless steel + ABS
  • Size: 4.33 x 2.36 x 2.75in / 11 x 6 x 7cm


  • 1 * Universal Handheld Quick Stripper


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