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Check out the awesome Tennis Trainer! 
easily hone your skills without the aid of a partner! 


  • The tether cord is connected to a base that serves as an anchor, allowing the ball to bounce back for another volley

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  • Made of high-quality materials, it has strong, durable, and designed to take powerful shots!

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  • Super-easy to use, simply fill the base with water to give it weight to counter the ball’s motion.

  • Its lightweight construction, when empty, allows you to bring it with you anywhere you’d like to practice!

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  • The Tennis Trainer gives you the freedom to practice anytime, anywhere, and all by yourself! It’s a perfect training tool for both novice and professionals alike.

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  • Free yourself from the hassle of the need to go to the tennis court to practice your volley and hot.

  • Save money from having to pay for automatic ball throwers. Get yourself a Tennis Trainer now, and free yourself from unnecessary expenses, a training partner, or a restricting training environment.


  • Material: PE
  • Rope Length: 150 inches (stretch to 275-315 inches)
  • Capacity: 1.1L (filled with water or sand)


  • 1 * Tennis Self-study Device

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