2PCS/Set PlantPods Kit


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Discover a New World of Plant Growth!!!

This is made possible through air layering.

An effective propagation technique is where you grow new roots from your plant's branches while they're still attached to the parent plant.

PlantPods Kit


  • Take the branch where you want to grow new roots and peel off the bark with a width of around 3/4"-1". Peel the bark off cleanly.

PlantPods Kit

  • Fill up PlantPod with moist moss or garden soil.

PlantPods Kit

  • Wrap PlantPod around the peeled bark. To make it extra secure, wrap zip ties around the holes.

PlantPods Kit

  • Water PlantPod regularly like the parent plant. Research your plant's watering needs to ensure that it grows healthy.

PlantPods Kit

  • Now just let nature do its thing! New roots will grow anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on factors like the type and size of your plant, soil type, humidity levels, and temperature.

PlantPods Kit


  • Material: Plastic


  • 1 set of * PlantPods Kit (2pcs)


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