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Attract more hummingbirds to your yard with just one feeder

The Hummerbar provides a long, flute-like shape that hangs horizontally, providing hummingbirds access to its 22 flower-shaped feeding ports.


  • Thoughtfully Designed

The unique petal-shaped feeding hole can effectively prevent bees and ants.

  • Feeds Several at Once

With its welcoming banquet for up to 24 hummingbirds at a time.

The feeding ports are positioned for optimal nectar access and are equally and adequately spaced apart to allow for side-by-side feeding.

  • Easy to Hang & Fill

Using the two, included, adjustable cords, the Hummerbar hangs easily from a convenient location like two shepherd's hooks, trellis, or from the eaves of a house in front of a viewing window. 

The 2-foot Hummerbar works best when filled halfway, with up to 2 cups (24 ounces) of nectar. 

  • Clear Nectar Reservoir for Easy Monitoring of Nectar Levels

It helps users to monitor nectar levels at a glance without actually having to open the feeder.

hummingbird feeding at hummerbar

  • Provides a 360-degree View for Hummingbirds

With traditional vertical feeders, their view is impeded and hummingbirds need to check for danger more frequently.

This horizontal style prevents them from having to stop feeding to make sure they are safe.

  • Easy to Clean

The smooth plastic is easy to clean so that your hummers always have access to a fresh and healthy nectar supply.


  • Material: Plastic


  • 1 * Hummingbird Feeder 
  • 1 * Funnel


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