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This amazing ratchet makes this a one size fits all tool for any project and is a much-needed feature when you are working with limited visibility or space.  

Left Image: Tighten, Right Image: Loosen


We created a one-of-a-kind dynamic ratchet beam that holds the bit in place while turning but flexes to allow the tool to rotate back to its starting position. To tighten a screw, put the bit into the ratchet and turn it back and forth like a normal ratchet. To loosen a screw, just flip the tool over and rotate in the other direction.


Bit Holding Side Catches

The dynamic ratchet beam pushes down on the bit while the side catches ensure it is cradled and securely held in place.

No Pass Channel

The no pass channel on the pocket clip was designed to ensure the keyrings do not pass through it to give you an alternative way to carry.

Here's a full list of the tools:


Flat head screwdriver

Box opener/Score edge

Grip tooth bottle opener

Wire stripper

3/16" + 5 MM HEX

6 MM Hex


Imperial Ruler

Temp/Chem Resistant Storage Bands

7 MM Hex

Key ring loop

5/16" + 8 MM Hex

Metric Ruler

45 degree angle marker

30 degree angle marker

Dynamic ratchet beam

1/4 inch Ratchet Driver

Thumb Rest

1/4 inch static driver


1x EverRatchet Clip Tool
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